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Boarding Kennels

November 2023

It has came to our attention that some vets have now gone paperless with vaccinations. If this is the case with your veterinary practice please note that we need proof of vaccinations sent through to our email address info@danemerekennels.com at least 48 hours prior to arrival OR bring a printed copy with you. 

Without this we will not be able to accept your pet to stay with us due to terms and conditions of our license.

Please ensure that your dog receives the kennel cough vaccine at least 3 weeks prior to arrival.

We cannot take any dogs if they have had the vaccination within the 3 week period before boarding. 

We will no longer be accepting Bully XL, Bully crosses or any aggressive dogs

Any new customers with large dogs must visit to be assessed prior to booking in with us.


We have four purpose built kennel blocks to comfortably accommodate dogs of all sizes, and provide large or adjoining pens for family groups.

Each of our kennels has an outdoor, covered exercise area, which your dog has access to all day except in extreme weather conditions. During those balmy summer nights, we will leave the outdoor areas open to provide your pet with the chance to make the most of our rare warm nights.

During cold weather, all of our kennels are heated to maintain a comfortable temperature, and if required, selected kennels can be heated to a higher temperature for elderly and frail dogs.

We exercise all visiting dogs twice a day in our own pleasant fields, to ensure they get personal attention. Your dog might choose to make a new canine friend whilst with us, as we like to walk the dogs in pairs to provide fun and social contact. However we do realise some dogs prefer their own company, so we will happily take them out on their own. For those who are extra energetic we can provide extra walks for an additional £5 per walk.

We provide beds, comfortable vet bedding, food and water bowls. You are welcome to bring their own bedding or toys, however we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during their stay.

In line with legislation and good practice to safeguard your pet's health, we require all dogs to be fully vaccinated (within the last 12 months) and we strongly recommend your dog is covered for Kennel Cough at least 10 - 14 days before their stay if they have had a kennel cough vaccination before otherwise it has to be done 3 weeks prior to their arrival with us. The vaccination card will be requested on arrival and returned to you when you collect your pet. We apologies but unfortunately we are UNABLE to accept dogs without a current up to date vaccination card.

We have a large variety of healthy, nutritious and hypoallergenic dog food to provide tasty, satisfying meals for those not on special diets. If your dog is on a special diet, please inform us when booking so we can ensure we have the right food available. If your dog is on a prescription diet, we are happy to feed this, but please ensure you provide enough for your pet's entire stay.

For those with medical needs, we are happy to administer medication and the required extra special care at no extra cost. Please ensure all medication is labelled with instructions on dosage and time to be given.

Viewing of our kennels is encouraged. We invite you to bring your dog along to meet us and our staff, then take them for a pleasant walk around our fields to get used to the surroundings. This will help them to settle in quickly and be reassured they are only visiting when they come to stay.

Should your dog need any medical attention during their stay, we will use our highly experienced and professional vets who are always on hand and willing to visit if required, who are MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs in Hanbury Road, Droitwich, only 5 minutes away.

We are happy to take your pets to our Vets to receive continuing treatment for a pre-existing condition or check up during their stay. This will incur a small fee towards our costs (normally £5.00). We may be able to take your pets to other vets, however this will incur a charge of £30.00 for the first hour, and £20.00 for any subsequent hour or part thereof. You may arrange for a representative to transport them to the Vets, but we must have this confirmed in writing when checking in.