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We are scheduled to reopen the Rescue from Monday 8th June via appointment only 

If you are interested in rehoming one of our cats / dogs please visit our website first where you will find all of our animals that are looking for a forever home.
Please give us a call first to discuss whether you are suitably matched and we can then arrange an appointment to meet your chosen rehomer.

What have we done to ensure we are meeting guidelines?
▪️ Arranged appointment only - meaning that you will not come into contact with anyone outside of your group & everything will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before your visit.
▪️ Only one member of staff or One household in the cattery at any one time.
▪️ Only one member of staff and one customer inside the office at any one time.
▪️Minimal contact with staff, we will have forms and information ready for you to fill out inside the cattery.
▪️Staff will be using correct PPE for your safety.
▪️Plenty of distancing signage & markers
▪️Hand sanitizers available both inside the cattery and outside of the office.
▪️ Handles / surfaces / card machine are disinfected after every use

We would like to thank everyone for their patients during this time but we cannot wait to return to our new 'normal' and get our rehomers successfully into their new homes!

Danemere Animal Rescue is open to the public between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. Home checks are required before any dog is rehomed. This can take up to 7 - 10 days as all of our home checkers are volunteers. All of our dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea'd, wormed and neutered (if old enough). The adoption fee for all dogs is £100.00 which is non-refundable.

If you have seen a dog on our website / Instagram / Facebook page that you are interested in please give us a call on 0190545655 to discuss whether they are still available. Please be aware that we are unable to reserve any animal via phone or email. You will have to visit us and meet the animal before we can reserve the animal to you and start the adoption process.

Upon arrival please report to reception.

Please take a look on our homing procedures page for more information


The dogs below are available for rehoming. Please take a look:

Cleo - Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)- 2 yrs

Cleo has sadly returned to Danemere through NO fault of her own as her previous owner had been called for service. Cleo has been with us since November 2019, almost 1 year on and she has made incredible improvements. Cleo started her journey with us as an over excited girl with 0% training, she was very wary of new people and found it hard to trust. Looking at her now, the difference is just phenomenal. Cleo still needs plenty of training and an experienced owner to add to her skill set of sitting, giving paw, laying down. Cleo will need an owner who is prepared to put lots of time and effort into teaching Cleo to be the very best version of herself at all times. The reason that we ask that Cleo has an experienced owner is because she does not like other dogs / animals and cannot be allowed to go for walks without a muzzle under any circumstances. Cleo is also uneasy around traffic therefore will need a strong, firm trainer so that she can be managed appropriately.

Sadly we have had next to no interest in this incredible girl, it is such a shame that she has spent almost a year of her life with us, just waiting for someone to see all of her potential and love who she is. All of the staff here have bonded with Cleo but it is not enough. It is not the same as having a whole place to call her home, surrounded by people all of the time with one to one care. We know that she would really thrive being in a home. No dog should be without a family.

PLEASE NOTE: we are only taking serious enquiries about Cleo, so please read the criteria below and consider whether you realistically can take her on. We are happy to chat with you and talk you through any concerns or questions you may have about Cleo and can advise whether we feel as though you are well suited we will invite you to meet her.


Hello, my name is Cleo.

I have been at the rescue for quite some time now and although I’m pawsitively amazing, not many people get to see that side of me. I know that sometimes I can be loud and I don’t make friends very easily (I just don’t get on with my own kind, I prefer humans who can give me scratches and tummy rubs) but I’m struggling to find a new mum and dad. I know I come with a little bit of baggage – I need ‘firm’ training so I’ve been told. Apparently, my breed are excellent, quick learners and although sadly, I haven’t had the best start in life I’m still young and eager and ready for school if someone would continue helping me and push me to be well..a better me! No one outside of the staff has shown any interest in me so far, is it the muzzle? See! Maybe the pink one would have been more fashionable.  I have seen other dogs that have to wear them though, lots of greyhounds have to and they still have a place to call home and their own humans so why can’t I? It’s only to protect the other dogs, I wouldn’t hurt you.

I LOVE people, the staff here are extra caring with me; they give me extra cuddles because I hold onto them with my paws so that they cannot leave! I like to give kisses, lots and lots of kisses. When I first got here I was confused so I would shout at everybody but after a day or two I realised they were friends and since then all I’ve wanted is attention.

If I could describe myself in a few words I would say that I am confident, fearless, but ultimately I am loveable.

I really want my new mum and dad to have lots of time for tummy tickles and long walkies so that I can release all this energy I have (I can’t wait to have a garden!). If my new mum and dad have experience with dogs like me (there can only be one me; I’m one of a kind) then that will be amazing.

If you would consider me I will do my very best to learn and make you very happy, we will be best friends for life I know that for sure. If you have any questions about me and my needs just give the centre a call.

With love and licks,

A hopeful Cleo x

Cleo came to Danemere after being rescued from being mistreated. Cleo was looked after by her rescuers for a few months but unfortunately their circumstances changed and they could no longer offer Cleo a permanent home. When Cleo first arrived at Danemere she was incredibly wary of people but once Cleo started to realise that we were not going to harm her, we began to gain her trust. Now that Cleo has settled in we can see that she absolutely adores people! Cleo is super affectionate and loves a fuss - especially a good tummy rub. Cleo will sit for her food and takes treats well. Cleo is not possessive over toys.

Although Cleo is brilliant with people, she is not good with other animals as she was never socialised correctly. We have been using a muzzle and a harness on her walks. This has allowed us to have more control over Cleo as she will get herself worked up and agitated when another dog is around. Cleo has got better at ignoring another dog since she has been with us as she has been seeing dogs more often but still needs a lot of training to work on this. Cleo will need to be muzzled at all times when out and about on walks.

Cleo has an incredibly cute habit; she likes to wrap her paws around your arms and hold on to you when she has cuddles, this is as though she's making sure you do not stop giving her your undivided attention because it's her favourite time - cuddle time!

Cleo is ideally looking for a home without children and without any other animals - including small furries. We would prefer Cleo's forever home to be with an experienced Shepherd owner or someone who has owned large breeds like Cleo previously. Cleo will need a firm owner that will take time to train her and in return you will have a friend for life.

Cleo has so much love to give, if you think that you could provide a loving, patient, attentive home for Cleo or would like to know more information please get in touch with us.

Roxy - Cocker Spaniel, 7 yrs - RESERVED


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