Cats for Rehoming




If you are interested in rehoming one of our cats / dogs please visit our website first where you will find all of our animals that are looking for a forever home.
Please give us a call first to discuss whether you are suitably matched and we can then arrange an appointment to meet your chosen rehomer.

What have we done to ensure we are meeting guidelines?
▪️ Arranged appointment only - meaning that you will not come into contact with anyone outside of your group & everything will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before your visit.
▪️ Only one member of staff or One household in the cattery at any one time.
▪️ Only one member of staff and one customer inside the office at any one time.
▪️Minimal contact with staff, we will have forms and information ready for you to fill out inside the cattery.
▪️Staff will be using correct PPE for your safety.
▪️Plenty of distancing signage & markers
▪️Hand sanitizers available both inside the cattery and outside of the office.
▪️ Handles / surfaces / card machine are disinfected after every use

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time but we cannot wait to return to our new 'normal' and get our rehomers successfully into their new homes!

The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival. The fee for adopting a cat is £75.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

If you have seen a cat on our website / Instagram / Facebook page that you are interested in please give us a call on 01905 345655 to discuss whether they are still available. Please be aware that we are unable to reserve any animal via phone or email. You will have to visit us and meet the animal before we can reserve the animal to you and start the adoption process.

Upon arrival please report to reception and a member of staff will be able to show you the cattery.

If you would like more information please visit our homing procedures page.

Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

Athena - DSH, 9 Months

Athena arrived at Danemere after being found behind some bins, she was taken to the vets, virtually lifeless and in a critical sate. Athena was covered in fleas, hypothermic and hypoglycaemic she was kept on a drip and had round the clock dedicated nursing to save her life. Athena has now made a remarkable recovery.

Athena was found in such a state that we presume she is a feral cat, it appears as though she’s had very little / next to no positive human interaction at all prior to her rescue and sadly is very frightened and wary of us getting too close to her comfort zone (she will hiss and spit).  However, Athena will quite happily allow you into her pen with no issues to feed her / clean around her, she will keep an eye on you from inside her safety bubble – her hooded igloo bed.

We think being in a home that is quiet, with an owner that is very patient and experienced in one to one confidence building would help Athena gain trust. But ideally Athena would suit a farm/outbuilding, somewhere with plenty of land so that she can avoid people if she wishes to and become a great mouse catcher. Athena has now been spayed so all she’s asking for is a roof over her head, somewhere to sleep and food whilst she gains her confidence and slowly learns to put her trust in humans.


We have been working hard, one to one with Athena and she is gradually learning to trust, she's started to play for the first time ever and has even allowed a gentle stroke, it's a long yet - but its progress!

Lucy - DLH, 7 yrs

Lucy is a beautiful girl with a very majestic look about her!

Lucy was quite a quiet cat, and was very shy when she first arrived with us. But gradually over time she has started to come out of her shell. Lucy can still be hesitant with strangers but once you give her a gentle fuss she warms to you.

Lucy was returned to us with Loki due them not getting on together in the house environment and it became too much for the new owner. Lucy has lots of love to give and has  gained lots of confidence, she tends to roll around your feet, weave in and out of your legs for attention - she loves a fuss.



  • Not been introduced to dogs
  • Fine with children
  • Cat flap needed
  • Very friendly & affectionate!

We no longer accept walk in’s at this time - If you would like to meet Lucy please give us a call on 01905 345655 to arrange an appointment to visit our cattery

Ronnie- DSH, 3yrs

Ronnie has returned to Danemere as he was sadly finding it very difficult to settle into his new home and integrate with the other cats in the household and sadly wanted to either hide or escape.

Ronnie can be quite timid so would prefer a home with no other cats - we are unsure how he is with dogs but we think that he would cope better as the only pet.

Ron is a lovely boy, extremely friendly with people and loves to be stroked. He can be playful but is also partial to a good nap - often found curled up snoozing. He would like access to the outdoors as he does like to explore the outside.

Bertie- DSH, 3 yrs approx.

Bertie has been handed into us as a wandering stray that was being fed by people but unfortunately the neighboring cats were not a fan of him. He arrived in our care, not in the best condition he had many fleas, scabs and old wounds.

Due to being a stray we have no history on Bertie. However, since being with us we have found him to be very friendly despite him initially looking very shy he loves to nuzzle in to a good head/cheek/chin rub. He occasionally will play with toys i.e a cat teaser wand but seems quite unsure how to fully give in to his play drive but we are sure with time he will gain his confidence. Bertie absolutely adores dreamies, he gets so excited by the shake of the tub ( the cheeky chap has even tried to steal an extra few or two by helping himself - see photos!)

Bertie has not been with us long so we will update with more information as we get to know him.

Rupert- DSH, 13 yrs

This is Rupert, he is a firm favourite among the staff that have looked after him and has been stealing hearts from the moment he arrived here. Sadly, Rupert has a liver problem, at the moment his condition seems to be stable however this can change at any point and sadly there is no way to know how long he will have left. We are therefore asking if someone could find it in their hearts to foster Rupert and give him a comfortable, quiet home to retire in. Looking at Rupert you would never be able to tell as his condition does not hinder him in any way.

After no success in finding him a forever home we decided to let Rupert out and become an office cat (which he really enjoyed) he would follow us around, stand on our keyboard and type out wonderful messages - "hehwwuyeuytwjh", keep our laps nice and toasty and supplied many snuggles but unfortunately we discovered that he was very temperamental around dogs, some he would get on with/ignore and others he would be unpredictable around. We knew then that logically, with many dogs coming through our doors every day, that it just couldn't work as heartbreaking as that is so now we are once again calling out to you to help Rupert find his forever home.

Rupert is such a special boy that loves to cuddle and perch on your shoulder, he's such a big baby. He loves his food, especially tuna on treat days and has been caught, with his head in a packet of crisps! Rupert was very baffled when he was out of his cattery pen, why did the humans had to work all day!? He would wander around the site looking for us so that we could give him a fuss. We definitely think that his ideal home would be with someone who is home the majority of the day and can spend that extra time (all day) giving him the love, lap and cuddles he desires .


  • 1000% a lap cat (Rupert has stated he needs either a lap or a shoulder to perch on, any will do)
  • Would like to have access to the outside if he wishes to explore again.
  • Must be a single pet household.
  • Families will be accepted
  • Someone who is home the majority of the day as he loves company

“ Hi everyone, I have been at Danemere for quite some time and honestly I do love it here, especially when the kind staff let me free so I could stretch my legs and explore. But.. I found myself wandering around a lot, nothing really interested me other than the humans. I would walk around looking for the kind staff to give me my cheek rubs and ear massages. Sometimes I liked to help them with their work, you know, help speed up the process so they had more time for me. I liked helping the receptionist in the office type out important emails on the what’s it called? Letter piano? My toes would be tippy tapping allllll over it, I didn’t think I could communicate with the humans before but they’d move me onto their lap – it’s exactly what I hoped I was saying.  I’ve had some good times here, made many friends and stolen lots of food but I do think it’s time I found my new family. My ideal home will be somewhere warm, cosy and comfy. A nice garden I can sit out in when it’s hot, maybe a windowsill and a mum or dad that can spend lots of time with me, I just enjoy the company.  I may not be as fit and healthy as I once was, it comes with age but right now I’m doing just fine. I promise to give you lots of affection, laughter, happiness. I promise to try my very best to not steal your crisps or any other food you have, I will try, unless its tuna I cannot be trusted around tuna. I promise to be your very best friend. I can’t promise I will be here forever, but however long we do have together I promise, we will have the BEST time. I am hopeful, who knows what tomorrow may bring, please help me find somewhere to call home".


Rupert is truly such an incredible cat with bundles of love and joy to give. If you could give Rupert a chance of a new home and can look past his health conditions please give us a call to discuss further.