Cats for Rehoming




If you are interested in rehoming one of our cats / dogs please visit our website first where you will find all of our animals that are looking for a forever home.
Please give us a call first to discuss whether you are suitably matched and we can then arrange an appointment to meet your chosen rehomer.

What have we done to ensure we are meeting guidelines?
▪️ Arranged appointment only - meaning that you will not come into contact with anyone outside of your group & everything will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before your visit.
▪️ Only one member of staff or One household in the cattery at any one time.
▪️ Only one member of staff and one customer inside the office at any one time.
▪️Minimal contact with staff, we will have forms and information ready for you to fill out inside the cattery.
▪️Staff will be using correct PPE for your safety.
▪️Plenty of distancing signage & markers
▪️Hand sanitizers available both inside the cattery and outside of the office.
▪️ Handles / surfaces / card machine are disinfected after every use

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time but we cannot wait to return to our new 'normal' and get our rehomers successfully into their new homes!

The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival. The fee for adopting a cat is £75.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

If you have seen a cat on our website / Instagram / Facebook page that you are interested in please give us a call on 01905 345655 to discuss whether they are still available. Please be aware that we are unable to reserve any animal via phone or email. You will have to visit us and meet the animal before we can reserve the animal to you and start the adoption process.

Upon arrival please report to reception and a member of staff will be able to show you the cattery.

If you would like more information please visit our homing procedures page.

Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

Luca - DSH, yrs RESERVED

Luca has found himself in our care at Danemere due to a relationship breakdown.

Luca can be quite shy upon initial meeting however that quickly wears off and he shows you that he really is a bundle of fun, he's such an easy going cat with lots and lots of love to give. Luca is playful and always looking for some attention, he will brush up against you and nudge your hand for more. If you put your hand above him he will even stand on his hind legs to nudge you, he just adores people. In Lucas previous home he was kept as a house cat, never explored the outside and never seemed to be that bothered about going and in our cattery he seems very content therefore we would be happy to house him as a house cat once again. Luca has been introduced to dogs previously with no problems as long as the dog is calm however, we would have to trial this.

  • Luca likes plenty of attention and fuss.
  • Good with children
  • Likes to be picked up for a fuss
  • likes to be groomed
  • House cat - never ventured outside
  • Could possibly live with a dog
  • Unsure about other cats (we can test this)

Luca had been suffering from over grooming but since visiting our vet and being prescribed some medication he has now stopped and his coat is almost back to looking healthy.

We no longer accept walk in’s at this time - If you would like to meet Luca please give us a call on 01905 345655 to arrange an appointment to visit our cattery

Bertie- DSH, 3 yrs approx.

Bertie has been handed into us as a wandering stray that was being fed by people but unfortunately the neighboring cats were not a fan of him. He arrived in our care, not in the best condition he had many fleas, scabs and old wounds.

Due to being a stray we have no history on Bertie. However, since being with us we have found him to be very friendly despite him initially looking very shy he loves to nuzzle in to a good head/cheek/chin rub. He occasionally will play with toys i.e a cat teaser wand but seems quite unsure how to fully give in to his play drive but we are sure with time he will gain his confidence. Bertie absolutely adores dreamies, he gets so excited by the shake of the tub ( the cheeky chap has even tried to steal an extra few or two by helping himself - see photos!)

We no longer accept walk in’s at this time - If you would like to meet Bertie please give us a call on 01905 345655 to arrange an appointment to visit our cattery

Reggie & Ronnie- DSH, Brothers, 5 months approx.

Ronnie and Reggie came to Danemere after sadly being abandoned by their previous owner after a house move. Due to this we have no background history on these brothers however, since they have been with us we have found them to be incredibly friendly, playful little cuddle bugs with the sweetest personalities and lots of character.

Reggie (short socks) is very confident, vocal and inquisitive. Ronnie, laid back, likes to be picked up for a snuggle and will sit in your arms and nuzzle in close.

We are asking for these brothers to remain together in their new home, they have such a strong bond and are always curled up close together.

  • Can be rehomed with children.
  • Would love the opportunity to explore the world
  • Affectionate pair
  • Will steal your heart in seconds!

If you think that you could give Ron and Reg a forever home please contact us on 01905 345655 to book an appointment.


Apollo - DLH & Rocky - DSH, 5 months old

Bothers Rocky and Apollo came to Danemere as they were feeling very unhappy and not settling into in their previous home. Likely, this was due to a busy family household.

Since arriving in our cattery Rocky and Apollo seem very happy and confident. Rocky will always be the first to say good 'meow'ning, he will jump out of bed and rub against your legs ready for his breakfast. Apollo is not so much of a morning person and would much rather have breakfast served to him in bed. Apollo and Rocky are both very friendly cats, Rocky is a little bit more needy for attention initially and will head bump you where as Apollo will sit and wait for you to come to him, however once you do and he starts to purr, if you stop, be prepared for a gentle nibble from him as if to say no please don't go i wasn't finished with my head massage! Both cats enjoy lap time, fuss and  naturally as kittens, like to play alot!

Given their history and given the circumstances of which they came in, we think that Apollo & Luna would much prefer to be in a home environment without children or other pets.  Preferably with a mum/dad who are home most of the time as they love their attention and affection. Apollo and Luna have not yet explored the outside world but we are sure that they will love having the option to seek adventure in their new home.

These brothers are such wonderful boys, if you think that you could give this pair a loving home and a 2nd chance at happiness please give us a call on 01905 345655 to arrange an appointment to visit them in our cattery.

Kittens - Macy, Maya, Mia, Milo & Merlin - Born May 2021

All kittens were brought safely to our rescue after being found on a member of the public's horse field.

Since being with us they have came on leaps and bounds and are now ready to find their forever homes!

We try to keep kittens in pairs as much as we can and are asking that Mia & Milo find a home together as they have such a close bond and are always next to each other - they truly are joined at the hip. Merlin & Macy also have a close bond as brother and sister, Macy is very confident compared to Merlin but Merlin looks to Macy for confidence and having her around or close by cuddling up to him brings him lots of comfort. Maya is often alone, she gets on well with her brothers and sisters but seems to enjoy her own company on her cat tower whilst everyone else is curled up in their pairs therefore we think that Maya would adjust well to being away from the group if we cannot find a home with a pairing of three.

Mia - Black & White (more white on face)

Mia is always cuddled or next to her brother Milo. Mia is an absolute attention hog, she will nudge you, roll over, head butt others away, just to get your undivided attention. Mia definitely likes to be the center of attention and she certainly knows how to get it and melt hearts in the process! Mia is playful, adorable and such a little character.

Milo - Black & white (mainly black face with white on nose/mouth)

Milo has a similar personality to Mia in the way that he loves attention and fuss, he's very vocal and loves to greet you with a meow! Adores belly rubs, very confident and fine to be picked up for a snuggle. We would love for Milo and Mia to be together in their new home, they really are the best of friends.

Merlin - Tabby & White (Pink nose)

Merlin is the quieter one of the two tabbys. Merlin is an absolute sweet heart who enjoys a gentle fuss, he will start purring and enjoying himself the more time you spend with him building that trust. The more he starts relaxing the more he begins to show his little personality. Like we have said previously, he relies on the comfort his sister Macy brings and would love to stay with her in his next adventure. We would prefer Merlin to go to a home with older children if any, to ensure that there is a more understanding of 'gentle approaches' which Merlin currently needs.

Macy - Tabby and white (black nose)

Macy is very friendly, she's not the first to approach or say hello but she sure loves to roll over for tummy tickles and under the chin scratches and massages! Fine with being picked up and often found lounging on a pillow having a good cat nap. Macy gets on well with all of her brothers and sisters but is a very good sis to Merlin in particular therefore we would love for them to be homed together.

Maya - Black & white (Black mask)

Maya is quiet and reserved and a shyer than the rest of her siblings. Maya is often found alone, enjoying a snooze on the cat tower she does cuddle up to her brothers and sisters occasionally and will sit with them but it seems as though she prefers to take herself off to be on her own. Although Maya does not come up initially to greet you she does enjoy a fuss and likes to play. Given Mayas interaction with the group we would say that she could possibly live as a single cat but ultimately would love for her to go with a pair in the right home if possible.