Cats for Rehoming

If you are interested in rehoming one of our cats
Please give us a call first to discuss whether you are suitably matched and we can then arrange an appointment to meet your chosen cat.

The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You need to make an appointment via telephone prior to arrival. Then report to reception on arrival and a member of staff will show you to the cattery. The fee for adopting a cat is £75.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough) and vet checked.

If you have seen a cat on our website / Instagram / Facebook page that you are interested in please give us a call on 01905 345655 to discuss whether they are still available. Please be aware that we are unable to reserve any animal via phone or email. You will have to visit us and meet the animal before we can reserve the animal to you and start the adoption process.

Upon arrival please report to reception and a member of staff will be able to show you the cattery.

If you would like more information please visit our homing procedures page.



Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

Zarah and Zeno- Sphynx , approx 5 yr

Zarah has come in with Zeno to find a forever home together.

Both cats are very sweet and have so much love and affection towards each other., they are completely bonded to one another and are always cuddled up keeping warm. They are unusual in the fact they have no hair, as they are Sphynx cats, this breed is ideal if you are allergic to pet hair. Due to this they must be kept extra warm and dry.

Zarah has a condition called Entropian in both of her eyes, probably born with it and is extremely painful and uncomfortable for her! The rescue has booked her in to see an eye specialist and they will operate Thursday 26th October. The operation will cost Danemere animal rescue £1,500.

Both cats are here with us through no fault of their own, their previous owner was unable to care for them due to her pregnancy. They have always lived indoors, both cats are extremely friendly and have lots of love to give, they enjoy a lot of fuss and attention. A Lot of people tend to overlook or shy away due to their breed as they are deemed 'unattractive' compared to some other breeds. But they have won the hearts of everyone here at the kennels. So please see beyond their appearance and you will find two amazing cats that deserve to be loved in a forever home.

Freya- DSH, 6 years

Gentle little Freya came to us after she was unable to live safety or comfortably at her home due to other cats in the neighborhood picking on her and starting fights. she started staying inside more and hiding in small places and not wanting any interaction. Although it was a tough decision her previous owners knew it was better to have her re homed.

Freya is quite shy and wary of new people at first but once she is used to you she does love being stroked and enjoys a fuss.

Her previous owners said that she loved exploring and would spend a lot of time outside before the other cats became a problem. So Freya will need a loving home where she is able to go out adventuring but have a safe space to come back to. Freya would most likely do the best in a single cat household.

Please don't be put off by her shy and quiet nature, she is an amazing cat and just needs someone willing to put in the time to bring her out of her shell.

Gemini- DSH- 6 and a half Years

This Lovely girl is back with us, as it unfortunately was not quite working out with her new owner, through no fault of her own Gemini was returned to us after a tricky decision was made.

Gemini is very sweet and needs a family who can match her laid back lifestyle, she does like a fuss and a cuddle and will let you know with an adorable chirp.

Her gorgeous markings really make her stand out and she would be an absolutely lovely addition to any family or individual.