Frequently asked questions:

Are the kennels heated?

Yes we have over head heaters and underfloor heating; they are both thermostatically controlled to turn on when the temperature drops so that the dogs and cats are comfortable and cosy. You are welcome to bring a jumper / coat for your dog whilst they are on walks.

Are dogs in their own kennel & are cats in their own pen?

Yes, all dogs are in their own individual kennels unless requested to share with other household family dogs, The same goes of cats.

However we do not allow for cats and dogs to share a pen/kennel under any circumstance.

I’m not going to make it back for collection time; can someone else pick my pet up for me?

Yes they can, providing we have proof i.e. Name / ID and as long as we have confirmation from you that they are picking the pet up.

Are the kennels & cattery secured?

Yes, everywhere is locked and secured when staff leave at 6pm. There is always someone on site 24/7.  We also do a night check & all of the animals get a tasty treat. Each kennel block is enclosed in a compound which is always locked while staff are in the area and when they leave. The cattery can be locked from the inside as well as outside to ensure it is secure whilst cleaning / feeding.

We also have CCTV which covers the whole site 24/7.

Can I bring my dog’s bed and toys?

We welcome you to bring your dogs own bed and toys but cannot accept responsibility for any damage/loss whilst they are with us. We have plastic beds with cosy vet bedding, we also provide a Kong and a toy to play with.

My pet is on medication, is that something you can administer whilst I am away?

Yes we are fully trained with administering all types of medication such as insulin, epilepsy /heart/steroid tablets, eye ointment, ear treatments. We do not charge extra for medication. On arrival we will fill out all of the details for medication and adhere to specific times, dosage etc. Please ensure there is at least enough medication for your pet for their whole stay, we do recommend that you provide a bit more than they need in case your plans change while you away and you have to extend the collection date.

My pet has just had an operation; can they still board?

There has been many times where a pet has boarded with us after an operation where they have needed extra special care and we have done this. Please give us a call beforehand so that we can discuss walking / medication / cage rest etc. and we will let you know if we can suitably board your pet.

What vaccinations do I need? If I haven’t kept up to date with boosters can I restart and still board with you?

We require all pets to be fully vaccinated and up to date with their boosters prior to arrival.

Routine vaccinations for dogs required are Parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis – every 3 years, Leptospirosis – annually

DHP Vaccination; Distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus required every 3 years

If your dog has not been vaccinated before or has missed their booster and has to restart the course which is in 2 parts 4 weeks apart (we cannot board the dog in our kennels until 7-14 days after a restart of vaccinations).

Routine vaccinations required for cats annually are Cat flu

Cats need to be fully vaccinated 2 weeks before they arrive if old enough.

We require kittens to have gone through their first lot of vaccinations before arrival.

My dog has not had kennel cough, should I get this done?

Kennel cough is not mandatory however; if you do get it done please ensure that it is at least 3 weeks before arrival otherwise we cannot accept your pet for boarding.

What litter do you use in the cattery?

We use wood based litter. If your cat is picky with litter please let us know and we will see whether we can provide a suitable alternative.

What do you feed the cats?

We feed Royal Canin Sensible dry cat food and have a selection of wet food with jelly /gravy / flakes such as Felix, Whiskers, Sheba and many other brands. If your pet is on a prescription diet, we will need you to provide enough of this for their entire stay.

What do you feed the dogs?

We use Masters dry dog food as a basic kennel food but we also have a range of brands such as James wellbeloved, Royal Canin, a variety of Skinners products, Arden grange, Burns, Harrington’s, Wainwrights and Autarky. Please give us a call beforehand if you are worried that we do not have your pet’s food available. If your pet is on a prescription diet, we will need you to provide enough of this for their entire stay.

We have hypoallergenic food and Grain / wheat free.

We also provide wet food such as Chubb, Butchers, and Chappie. If a dog is not eating its dry food we will add wet to encourage them unless we are told otherwise.

How often are they fed?

Both the cats and dogs are fed twice a day. Cats are fed breakfast between the hours of 7am - 8am and dinner between the hours of 4:30 - 5:00 pm.

Dogs are fed breakfast between the hours 9am -10pm and dinner between the hours of 5:00 - 5:30. Dogs feed times vary depending on when they have had their walk – we wait 30 mins after a walk to feed to prevent any illness.

If your pet only needs feeding once or multiple times a day make sure to let us know.

If your pet is on medication that is required an hour or so before/after feeding please let us know so that we can adhere to this.

My pet is slow at eating; do you leave it down for them?

Yes we allow each dog to go at their own pace, we understand that some are grazers and like to snack at their food so we will leave the food down. We collect bowls after each meal time and check whether the animals have eaten; if they have a few biscuits left we will leave the bowl in there so that they can finish it in their own time. We keep a meticulous record of who has eaten and who has not, so we know whether we should be concerned about a pet or whether they are just a grazer.

How long are the dogs exercised for?

The dogs get as a standard a 20 minute walk twice a day around our field. If you would like your dog walked more than this it will be an extra £5 per walk.

Do you let the dogs off lead when you walk them?  Do you use extendable leads?

No, we cannot walk dogs off lead as it can be a risk for other dog’s safety and their own safety.

No, we use a standard meter slip lead. We can use a harness / halti if they are used to it and walk better. If this is the case it would be best to provide your own harness/halti for us to use, as it will already be fitted to your dog.

How much notice do you need for a booking?

It depends entirely on the time of year; our peak times are summer holidays / bank holidays and the festive period- at these times there is no guarantee that we will have space for a late booking so please give us notice. If you have found yourself needing to book in late, please do not hesitate to call us and we will try our very best to fit you in.

Do you provide a discount for dogs sharing?

No, the discount is reflected in price already

Drop off and collection times?

The times for collection and drop off are from 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Sunday. The only time these will differ is during the Christmas period.

Vets used?

MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs which is situated 10mins away.

Charges –

Until March 2020 the prices per day for kennel boarding are:

  • Single dog- £17.50
  • Two dogs (sharing)- £29.00
  • Three dogs (sharing)- £41.00

From March 2020 onwards the kennel prices per day are:

  • Single dog- £18.00
  • Two dogs (sharing)- £29.50
  • Three dogs (sharing)- £42.00

For the cattery the prices per day are:

  • Single cat- £11.00
  • Two cats (sharing)- £19.00
  • Three cats (sharing)- £21.00

Note- If your pet is only staying overnight you will still have to pay for two days boarding.

What is the daily routine?

Dogs are walked first thing in the morning, and then their breakfast is prepared and handed out. Cleaning will then start, each dogs kennel is cleaned everyday with animal friendly disinfectant, then hosed and scraped dry; water is also changed daily and kept topped up. Bedding is checked twice a day to make sure it is clean and dry, if not fresh will be given. The dogs are walked again in the afternoon, and given their dinner after. Bedding and water is then checked again, and the dogs will be shut in before it gets dark, the heating will then be turned on if it is cold. In the summer months we tend to leave the hatches open a lot later so that they can make the most of the warm nights. Once a dog has left the kennels and beds are scrubbed with disinfectant and hosed off, ready for the next dog.

Can you board puppies / kittens at Danemere? Is there a minimum age?

As long as your pet has had their full primary course of vaccinations we will be able to board them with us.

How do you keep pets cool in the summer months?

We change our schedule so that we do not walk at the hottest points of the day. We keep fresh water topped up at all times. We also lightly spray their outside runs with water using the hosepipe to help keep them cool (some dogs love the chance to get a little bit wet!)

My pet is old and has had vaccinations its whole life and now stopped due to health reasons can I still board at Danemere?

We can now accept pets without vaccinations (apart from Lepto which is a requirement) providing they have had a Titer test. This is a blood test that measures the level of immune system proteins (antibodies). If they have built up a good level of immunity and we have seen proof from your vets. We do however, still require Lepto vaccine.

Can my dog and cat share a kennel?

No, it would not be safe to do so.