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We started Danemere Animal Rescue (registered charity no: 1065072) in 1993 to care for homeless pets until we could find them a new home. Dogs and cats who come to us for a variety of reasons, from becoming strays, to the death of an owner. Whilst the animals are with us they are neutered ( if old enough), vaccinated and microchipped, as well as receiving any medical treatment they might need before they go to a new family.

Kip - was the first dog to be taken in by Danemere and was the reason why it all started. Kip had had a dreadful life prior to coming here and also had epilepsy and was on medication for the rest of his life. The sheer number of cats that are homeless presently is truly frightning, we dread to think how many are going to be out there with nowhere to go over the winter.

Our Appeal

We would like to ask you to provide sponsorship to help us look after a dog or cat whilst we try to find them a new home. We would suggest £1 a week (£4 a month), or anything that you can afford. In return you will receive a certificate, and a copy of our newsletter when we do have the time to write them, to let you know how our animals are getting on and tell you about any forthcoming events.


If you would like to become a sponsor, please click on the following link to print out a Standing Order Form, which you can fill in for any size monthly donation. Please complete the shaded boxes and return the form to: Danemere Animal rescue, Common Farm, Tibberton, Droitwich, WR9 7NG. Alternatively, if you wish, you can send your donation to the above address. Thank you

Graces Story

One chilly April morning, a lurcher was found in the garden at Danemere – she was dumped at 5.30am. With no knowledge of her history and no sign of an owner coming forward, we named her ‘Grace’. Grace was one of the most loving dogs that we have rescued. She was so kind and just wanted to be your friend – we are still baffled as to why she was abandoned.

We noticed Grace’s forefoot was incredibly swollen but causing her no pain and no limp. After an X-ray, the vet concluded that the bones had been shattered but Grace showed no signs of discomfort. Causes of the injury were unknown but we suspected she got caught in a ditch or a rabbit hole whilst she was free-running, consequently snapping her leg. With no other option, the vet decided to conduct an experimental operation – a procedure that he had not done before using unfamiliar equipment and new techniques.  He hoped to fuse the joint back together but was unsure of any possible complications. It was decided that if he made a mistake or could not complete the surgery, Grace’s leg would be fully removed.

Grace spent months at Danemere in recovery, only going for extremely short walks and wearing a special protective boot on her leg. Although, Grace’s injury never stopped her from being a ball of loving energy- She bounced back from the procedure and was finally fit to find a home. We rehomed Grace in late 2017 and miss her greatly. Her story is a fantastic pleasure to tell.

Without your kind donations we would not be able to help dogs such as Grace in their hour of need.

Freds story

A Former feral at Danemere, Fred had become accustomed to being a domestic cat and would happily follow people around meowing for fuss and attention (such a chatty chap with heaps of character!). We decided it was time to put Fred up for adoption as he had proved he could make a wonderful companion. However soon after, we noticed that he had quite a few scabs forming on his ears that had started to look very irritable. We called the vet out and he confirmed that they could become cancerous if left. Fred had his operation to remove both of his ears and also freeze a scab from his nose off in April 2018. Fred’s operation was a success and he is now in the process of healing

Teddy's story

Teddy the German shepherd came to us in August 2010 in a very bad way, as well as being matted; he had a very bad ear infection, which had sadly been left untreated for a very long time. He had green puss dripping from his ears, the insides of which had also ulcerated. His ear drums were also found to have rotted. Despite all of this, Teddy was a very friendly boy who loved a fuss and would give lots of kisses to the staff in return. Teddy needed an operation to remove both of his ear canals, the procedure cost around £6,000 without including all of the other medication and treatment he had received whilst being at Danemere. We created a donation plea, we relied solely on generous donations from the public to make this operation possible. The public’s donations helped improve Teddy’s life dramatically. Teddy’s operation was a success and we managed to rehome him, he went on to live a very happy healthy life with his new family.

Happy cat with a big smile
Black Labrador Sitting
Golden Retriever Lying Down On Grass