Success Stories

We love receiving emails and photographs of the rescue animals from their new owners in their new homes. This is the best perk of the job! The following are animals that have recently been rehomed including a few words from their new owners:

Success Stories - Cats

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Pantalaimon - was DUMBLEDORE he's really blossoming in confidence. He barely shows any temperamental/aggressive behaviour and is actually very sociable! He also loves training which we have been doing a lot of, to help him learn his name and recall basics for when he starts going outside properly.

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''Percy has settled in really well to his new home. He's adjusted really well, and he definitely knows now that he's safe and this is his home. He is a very loving cat, he loves fuss and strokes, and is always purring. He's found his voice and has become vocal with his sweet meows. Percy absolutely loves play times. He has no shortage of toys here! His favourite things are playing with his feather stick and laser toy, and he also loves playing chase around the house. He certainly has a lot of energy, and often has zoomies around the house which is funny to watch''

Website 2


''She is loving her home so much. She has met many of our family and friends who all spoil her with cuddles, treats and toys. She is the most cuddly and affectionate girl!''


Inka and Isla

''They are growing so fast and are into everything. We can’t imagine home without them now. They are so beautiful!''

Mitzie And Violet

Mitzie and Violet


''They have both settled in well despite being quite different personalities.  Mitzie was much quicker to claim the house as her own and is more affectionate and playful, whereas Violet is quieter and affectionate on her terms.   They both like home comforts, Violet has a very good appetite too, and they have both been busy exploring the garden although Violet is surprisingly more adventurous than Mitzie outside.''



"Ginger is enjoying his new home :)"

Daisy & madge

Mabel & Clover

Formerly Daisy & Madge

"They are settling in nicely and taken very well to their new names!"



Formerly Dave

"He is a very happy, loving and clever kitty! Thanks again Danemere"



"He is a very loving cat and gets along with my lads as well, he likes to show them who's boss though! He has fitted into our family beautifully" 

Denzel & Elsie

Denzel & Elsie

"Elsie is very confident and happy, Denzel is a bit more reserved but enjoys a fuss! Both have such a lovely gentle nature"

Ebony New Home


Short for Black Magic (formerly know as EBONY)

"She has settled in so well!"

Candy New Home


"She has settled in and is enjoying her new life with her playmate Toby, they get on so well and love playing chase!"

Cat In A Tree

Ringo & Peter

(was Huckleberry) & PETER

"We are very pleased to say that they have settled in straight away and Ringo has even found a new best friend in our dog Poppy! Peter has been exploring the garden and gaining confidence and as you can see he has climbed the Magnolia tree!



(formerly Ivory)

"Pixie has now found a forever home"



"As you can see, Misty is already attached to us!"



"Fred has settled in really well. He's stopped hiding behind the sofa completely now and wants to be in rooms where people are.

He's found his voice and will chirp loudly when I come home from work and follow me round the house. 

Fred is also really happy meeting new people, and during Xmas he made sure he was the centre of attention. When Fred had enough he just hid back upstairs.

Fred has relaxed so much. He likes me picking him up and holding him. I can examine him when I need to and he even tolerates tummy tickles (up to a point ofc).

We've really bonded and we're so glad he came to live with us!"


Collin Update2


'A week ago today, we bought Collin home with us, and he has totally taken over the house, our lives and our hearts. The pictures were taken less than 24 hours of his moving in, and it is safe to say he has his paws firmly under the table, (as well as on it, our bed, on top of the bookcases, mantelpiece, wardrobes......). Thank you Danemere for bringing us together.'



'I have settled well into my new home. It took me a couple of days to come out from under the sofa. Now I have discovered the rest of the house and like to snuggle up on my Mum and Dad's bed.'


Maureen (was Zoe)

"Just following up to say that Zoe (now called Maureen) has well and truly settled in.
21 years of age, It doesn’t stop her though, she’s bouncing around the house, scratching up the stairs, eating her fill of food and begging for fuss and cuddles throughout the day."

Update Bubby2

Bubby (was Tash)

"He is an absolute cuddle bug, and loves having a nap on my lap or next to me whenever I’m sitting down. He is obsessed with lying in the sun or on his soft, fluffy blanket and he struts around the house like he owns it!
We love him and the personality he’s developed so much!"




"She still won’t let me get too close (unless I have a dish of food in my hand J ) but she doesn’t run away the way she used to, so hopefully some progress.

I really love Meg and hopefully one day she will start to trust me."


Mavis & Martha

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Success Stories - Dogs



Rainy is now living a very loving, spoilt life with her new owner! She loves playing with her new brother George.



George, Rainy's new brother is loving his new life with their new owner, lots of treats and cuddles!



"Rusty is loving it, his re-call is getting much better, the clicker training is beginning to work and in some areas he is even able to go off the lead. He has walked on the beach and in the New Forest whilst on holidays and over the golf course and the meadows here at home. He has really settled well and is 100% part of the family ''


Rolo and his new sis Lily

"It’s me Rolo - remember me - it’s been a month now that I left you for my new home - thank you for looking after me - thought I would send you a few pictures of my 1st month"

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'Well I've been here a week now although my new Mummy and Daddy say it's like I've been here forever.  Enjoying my walks but even more I'm loving my new big brother'



''Bertie has settled in really well and is already an important part of our family! He loves his long walks and is fabulous on the lead. Thank you so much for allowing us to give Bertie his forever home. He is already loved very much.''

Ned 2 (2)


"He has settled in really well now, he is so friendly and wants to say hello to everyone!
We would like to say thank you for letting us adopt Ned. He is such a lovely boy and very much loved already by all the family."



"He will have plenty of room in the garden to run around and play in and lots of belly rubs are in order!"



"Thank you so much for letting us rehome Diesel. He has settled in very quickly and with a new bed in every room for him he has found his ideal spot!"



"We are over-the-moon with Bonnie, it's like she's always been ours. Such a beauty, everyone has fallen in love with her- it's hard not too!"



Formally Pip

"He is a lovely gentle boy and our other dog murphy seems to like him too! All in all we are thrilled to have him, it just feels like he was meant for us. Thank you all at Danemere for giving us the opportunity to help him have a happy life"



"Here is she cuddled up with her new beagle brother!"


Bonnie & Bessie

We hope that these photos make you smile as much as they did with us, we are beaming with happiness!
We have been told that Bonnie & Bessie and new owner are so happy together and they have settled in well, they visit the beach often as their holiday home is only 15 mins away!



Tilly, exploring the dunes and living her best life!



Other Success Stories

We have had an update from Bailey's new owners letting us know how he's got on and we have been told that he's settled into his new home really well.

''He's a lovely cat with a great temperament. No doubt he's itching to explore outside, but he's got a few weeks to go before that happens!''
We are so 'purrrr'leased!

Kingsley was rehomed by one of our receptionists and we are pleased to say that he has settled in brilliantly with his new brothers. Everyone has fallen in love with him, he has so much love and cuddles to give! He's also had his first trip to the groomers!

Almost 12 months ago we rehomed a gorgeous German Shepherd named Elsa. We have just been updated, her new family have said - 'She has settled in very well and is currently having training to help her make new friends!' We are pleased that this rehoming was a success and Elsa is incredibly happy in her new home

We have had a update from Rhubarb & Custard's (formerly known as kittens, Mitch & Monkey) "They have been an utter joy from the moment we got them home." Great news, we are so happy for them!