Cleo has been with us since November 2019.

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The goal is to reach a point where Cleo will be able to ignore dogs that she will see when she is out and about muzzled and will just carry on walking.

We will frequently be updating  all about Cleo's progress.

When Cleo first arrived at Danemere she was incredibly wary of people. Cleo would bark and back away from you as she was uncertain. However, we have worked with her very closely over the months and she has made great improvements. Cleo absolutely adores people once she gets to know them, it did not take long for her to warm to us. Cleo does not like other dogs at all therefore has to be muzzled on a walk.

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November / December 2019

At the moment Cleo will become get very agitated, vocal and aggressive when she spots another dog. We are currently walking Cleo on her own around one of our private fields.

Once Cleo has settled into the kennels and gets used to us we will begin to slowly try and desensitize her to other dogs.

We are walking Cleo on a harness for more control.

Cleo is to start having lunch to build her weight up.

December 2019

Cleo will sit nicely and wait for her breakfast / lunch / dinner.

Cleo instantly calms down when she notices you, she is very demanding of attention - she will wrap her paws around you when she is having a fuss.

December 2019 / January 2020

Cleo's behaviour towards other dogs does still happen however, Cleo has been walking around our field where she can see other dogs and she has been getting better at calming down and ignoring them. Our aim is to get Cleo to a point where her behaviour changes significantly when on a walk so that she is more manageable for her future owner as this behaviour could possibly cause issues if walking near a road / cars.

February 2020

Cleo is maintaining steady progress towards reaching her end goal.