Monty - DSH - 7/8 yrs 

Monty was brought to us because of a sudden change in behaviour around his brother.

Monty is a very affectionate, super friendly cat who loves being fussed. Monty does not mind being picked up for a cuddle. Monty is good with children and dogs and has lived with them previously.

Monty appeared to be in good health however, sadly when we took Monty for his routine vet visit we discovered that he has a heart murmur. He currently does not need medication but may need it in the future. We have a statement from our vets (MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs) below to give you more information.

''Monty is a lovely cat looking for a home but he has a heart murmur.

This means there is turbulent blood flow through his heart.

A heart scan has showed he has thickening of his Left Ventricle (the largest chamber in the heart), however the Atrium (smaller chamber) is currently normal.

Cats can have thickening of their Left Ventricle and show no symptoms for years, however it can not be predicted if, or when, the thickening may progress to cause heart disease.

Because Monty's atrium is a normal size and he is showing no symptoms, no treatment is currently needed.

However, it is advised that he has yearly heart scans to monitor the size of his Atrium. If it  becomes enlarged Monty will then need life long medication.

Cats that develop heart disease have shorter lives.

It would be good for a new owner to monitor Monty's resting respiratory rate, (ie, when he is fast asleep), once a month. If the breathing rate is higher than 30 breaths a minute , this could be an early sign that Monty's heart is starting to struggle.''

Monty will need an attentive, understanding owner that is prepared to care for Monty's individual needs and will take it step by step knowing what the future will hold with annual heart scans and possible medication. If you think that you could look past Monty's condition and give him a well-deserved wonderful home or would like more information please give us a call on 01905 345655 to discuss further.