This page is dedicated to thanking and sharing the support we receive through fundraisers and donations.


On behalf of all of our rescue dogs and cats (and staff!) we would like to say a huge thank you to Dunelm Worcester team for putting our charity forward for the event, organising such a great campaign and a massive thank you to your customers for donating such wonderful gifts to our rescues.
The following photos are from some of our lucky cats who Santa Paws delivered to early this year! We have more prezzies to give out and will post again
Jingle Bell was so excited and even took to biting the wrapping paper herself, she had a couple of her treats from her stocking and her snake teaser wand and of course started playing with the scrunched up ball afterwards!
Romeo and lark were very interested in their mice!
Bella has made a couple of her famous biscuits on her new blanket and her Christmas card is hanging up on her gate!
Chester couldn’t wait to peep inside the bag.
Gomez loved playing with his tunnel and pouncing on his new mouse.
Hedge (one of our nervous kittens) decided to investigate but was wary of his new toys initially but we are sure he will love them once his more confident brothers play too .
Gizmo started helping himself to extra yummy treats – purring away!
The presents so far have been a huge hit – all of the cats were very happy with their presents. Spreading joy to everyone.
Once again thank you for all the effort your customers and your team have gone through to make this happen. We are very grateful for the support and kindness shown and blown away with how thoughtful the campaign is to specifically cater for each pets wishlist.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Steve, Denise & Rockydog Ross, Botany Bay nurseries, Ross plants - Bradley Ross and the local Wychbold residents for raising and donating an amazing £447.20 for Danemere Animal Rescue!!!!

The kindness and generosity shown is incredible, We are so grateful for the ongoing support we receive. Thank you for helping us help those animals in need

Diana will be competing the journey with her gorgeous dogs Deefer and Tristan to raise money for our rescue  on Saturday 27th March 2021. We are so grateful that she decided to do this for us and the animals in our care, we really appreciate the kindness shown. If you could please follow the link, read Diana's story, share, donate and show some support.Its the generosity like this that has helped us be able to continue helping animals have a second chance to find their forever home.This will go towards helping fund the costs of necessities such as veterinary expenses/ preventative care/ food / toys/ treats / bedding.


A huge well done to Diana, Ian, Deefer and Tristan for completing the very tiring 19.1 mile walk on Saturday to raise an incredible total of £635 for the dogs & cats in our care!

Absolute super stars, thank you for doing this for us and we would like to say a huge thank you to the people who have donated. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for all of your support! 

A huge thank you from all of the staff, dogs & cats!