I once had a dream,

seemed an impossible dream

Of cuddles, love and laughter

Of life happy ever after

I became loved and adored

Brothers and sisters galore

Spoiled rotten by everyone

At last, a place of my own

My existence was pretty dire,

Just kicks, sticks and ire

No kind words or walks

No playing with balls

Now because of my Rescue

Came Danemere Animal Rescue

Hundreds of doggies found homes

Comfort, security, love and bones

One day came a miracle,

In a place called Danemere

They took me into their home

Made me one of their own



My dream, an impossible dream

Became the dream of a whole team

To help, care for and home

All sorts of animals needing homes



Kippie finally passed on

His dream still lives on

With his memory in our hearts

We'll help give others a fresh start