Kip’s story


The pathetic bundle of black fur huddled as tight as it could into the corner; this poor little scrap was to become known as Kip. Kip had been starved not only of food but love and affection. He'd been beaten so badly that he couldn't walk. As we looked at him his eyes seemed to plead, please don't hurt me anymore.

He melted all our hearts and so he came to stay at Danemere. It took a long time to gain his trust and he'd flinch at the slightest movement, terrified someone would hurt him again. No one was ever going to hurt him again, never, and we had to make Kip believe that gradually as time passed Kip began to walk again then run once more.

Unfortunately probably due to beatings he'd had in the past Kip had epilepsy, which we were able to control with medication. He would spend the rest of his life taking pills for the senseless cruelty of others.

Kip loved to chase his ball and would bark for hours at you to throw it for him. He started to live life again, to enjoy his surroundings, to take comfort from the people who loved him. Kip was fiercely protective of his new mom, Sue who moved heaven and earth for him.

As time wore on Kip began to get tired and his medication wasn't having much effect anymore, then one day Kip fell asleep forever. Danemere Animal Rescue is here because of Kip and its how we keep his memory alive. Sometimes you can still hear Kip barking in the field or maybe it's only wishful thinking.


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