Wild Bird Food

In our surroundings, we try to encourage as much wildlife as possible - particularly the wild birds. Coming into Autumn and Winter, it's especially important to feed the birds a well-rounded, nutritious seed.


Because of this we are now stocking PECKERS bird food.


Produced by the Lea Oakes family in Sandbach, PECKERS offers great wild bird seed mixes all specially formulated to provide birds with a variety of nutrients and goodness to ensure health and well-being. 


Some of the products we have in stock are:

 Classic Wild Bird Mix 20kg and 2.5kg - £11.75 and £2.40

Black Sunflower 15kg and 1.65kg - £13.50 and £2.80

Sunflower Hearts 15kg and 2.25kg - £17.25 and £4.50

Kibbled Peanuts 15kg - £26.15

Peanuts 15kg and 2.25kg - £24.69 and £5.90

Niger Seeds 15kg - £25.25


Premium Wild Bird Mix with Fruit and Nuts 2.5kg - £3.80


No Mess Wild bird Mix 15kg and 2.5kg - £12.35 and £3.10


Robin and Songbird Mix 15kg and 2.5kg - £16.15 and £4.50


Fat Balls 6pk/40pk tub - £2.80 and £10.30