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16th May 2018



 14th May 2018 


30th April 2018





24th April 2018








It's Summer 2018! After the incredible changing weather of recent times, our gardens have suffered greatly. But today the sun is shining.

19th April 2018

Kai,  Kitty and Thomas supervising Mummy while she gardens...It's a hard life.



It's Spring 2017 and we are planning to start a new blog about the gardens here at Danemere.

We aim to update this blog with pictures and information about the gardens, whilst also keeping tabs on the wildlife and the growth of the flowers, trees and shrubs that have been planted recently. 


9th March 2017

We are currently in the process of planting and potting lots of wonderful flowers, trees and shrubs not only for sale but for the surrounding grounds and it's certainly beginning to look a lot like spring on this sunny afternoon! 

Here are a few photographs of the flowers that are growing and what we have been up to here in the gardens at Danemere.



12th March 2017

Wandering around Danemere with the camera on a (intermittently) sunny day.





 14th March 2017

Finally some pictures of the construction of our all-weather path. This began in 2016 due to adverse weather ruining the walks around the field. The path is now complete and is currently being lined with trees!




 22nd March 2017

Miserable day at Danemere - relentless rain! The garden is still blossoming though.




31st March 2017

Warm and sunny! The blossom tree is making a statement.



3rd April 2017

A very warm and sunny day here at Danemere. The gardens flowers and trees are blooming and bursting into flower!



 4th April 2017

A cloudy but fairly warm day today - here are a few photos of the grounds that we have taken recently.

From left to right:

Amalanchier - budding Chestnut Tree -  Keria Japonica - Dicentra



Ziggy investigating near the daffodils 



The Magnolia trees are certainly flowering well and looking wonderful 



 Thursday 25th May 2017

 A very warm day today. We are so busy with the bank holiday weekend - we are fully booked! Managed to snap a few pictures outside reception though. Tommy, one of the resident cats here, has found a cool new place to sleep...





Tuesday 4th July 2017

In full swing of summer here. Take a look at how our naughty residents are behaving...




Saturday 23rd September 2017


After the very busy summer holiday, we can finally breathe a little bit before the October half-term! Everything has started to turn Autumnal - one of our favourite times of year...

This is a beautiful Autumn Crocus and some resident wild ducks on the misty lake late in the evening.

  Autumn Crocus