Success Stories

 We love receiving emails and photographs of the rescue animals with their new owners in their new homes. This is the best perk of the job! 

Some of the following are animals that have recently been rehomed:









We have had a update from Rhubarb & Custard's (formerly known as kittens, Mitch & Monkey)

"They have been an utter joy from the moment we got them home."


Great news, we are so happy for them!





 Candy was rehomed last week and we are very pleased to say that she has settled in and is enjoying her new life with her playmate Toby. We've been told that they’re getting on really well & love playing chase!



Charlie-Brown & Spud



 RINGO (was Huckleberry) & PETER



 Today we had a message from  Ringo & Peters new mum and we are  very pleased  to say that they have settled in straight away and  Ringo has even found a new best friend in their dog Poppy (as you can see them both stretched out and relaxing in the photo above!).  Peter has been exploring the garden and gaining confidence as you can see he has climbed the Magnolia tree!








You may remember Grace the Lurcher. She was found in our garden in April with a shattered front leg. After the success of an innovative operation, Grace eventually found a home! We were so pleased for her but also very reluctant to let her go! Grace was a firm favourite here but she has settled in her new home perfectly. She is loved among the local dog-walkers and adored by her owner's friends.




Pixie (formerly Ivory)

Pixie has now found a lovely forever home. 




Another update of Harvey after him & his new owner celebrated his 1st birthday at the Worcester show!






 As you can see, misty is already attached to her new owners!









 Snoopy- Another photograph to show just how well he has settled in and how lovely his coat has come along 








Some of you may remember Harvey our golden retriever pup, he surprised us with a visit with his new mum and we couldn't believe how much he has grown! We were told he has graduated from puppy training classes and has even started agility lessons. He has made his new mum so happy and has become such a wonderful, well behaved boy!








 Buster - 2