Rescue of the Month

Every month, we choose a dog or a cat to be our 'Rescue of the Month'.

This means we would like to find a home for this animal - it is our PLEA to you!






 Grace is a Lurcher about 3 to 4 years old. She was dumped at Danemere back in April of this year. Her right front leg was badly swollen but was causing her no pain. After taking her to the vets it was discovered that she had shattered her nerves and ligaments in her right leg. After a very clever surgery, Grace now has a metal plate fusing her ligaments, tendons and nerves back together. Months of healing have led to her putting weight on her leg and being as right as rain.

Grace is a lovely dog. She loves cuddles and is extremely affectionate. We all love her here and would love her to find a forever home. We do not recommend that she is rehomed with cats...we fear for feline safety! Grace also does not like being shut in a confined space - she would be fine in a house but needs her space and freedom. Because of her stress-like behaviour when shut in, we think that she has previously lived outside. 

We hope to fine Grace a great home very soon.