Exercise and Welfare


We take your dogs welfare and needs very seriously. We provide them with a warm, safe and fun environment in which to stay. This allows you to leave your dog, secure in the knowledge that they will be well looked after while you are away. They are walked twice daily to ensure that they receive  exercise and human contact during their stay. 

Due to such atrocious weather conditions during the last few winters, we have built our own all-weather path to accommodate walking. We can now walk the dogs no matter how wet and boggy the field gets as the path winds its way through our beautiful gardens and is a lot dryer. In adverse weather conditions the path provides us with a safe, alternative route for dog walking and also makes our boarders less muddy!



We are proud of the fact that a lot of our regular visitors get exited when coming over the canal bridge, or when turning into our unique driveway, then are happy to see us,  and quite cheerfully go off to find their kennel, or if they arrive at the right time to be taken straight out for a walk


If your dog has not stayed with us before you are very welcome to provide something that smells of home, ie, an old jumper or a toy as this tends to help them relax and settle in more quickly


With our comprehensive training and experience  over many years dealing with many rescue cats and dogs, we are able to provide specialist care and attention to the most vulnerable, disabled, elderly and nervous of pets

We have comprehensive medication forms which will be filled in and which has to be signed off. We will also take note of any worries you may have so that we are aware of your dog's needs

We never hesitate to call our vets if we think that it is necessary

We are experienced in  caring for dogs with a wide range of symptoms, from the blind and the deaf, to dogs with arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems along with many others



Walking - We walk the dogs twice a day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We have lots of different routes around the site that we use to keep our boarders happy. When walking, staff always keep a safe amount of distance away from one another to ensure the dogs' safety as well as their own. 

Food - We will try to keep as close to your pets normal routine as possible, we tend to feed the dogs breakfast and dinner. With puppies, vulnerable or very active dogs we tend to feed them at lunchtime as well. If you want your dog fed any differently then please let us know on arrival




Medication - If your dog is on medication, their needs are strictly adhered to. We will do our utmost to ensure that we follow your regular routine in the administration of such

The kennels are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis, to ensure the best possible hygiene standards. We use only safe proprietary cleaners