Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.00am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:

This is Louie (Black) - 7yrs


 Louie came to Danemere along with Rox as their previous owner had become too ill to care for them, Rox has since been rehomed. Louie was kept as both an indoor and outdoor cat in his previous home. We are unsure of his experience with children and dogs however we have tested him with other cats here and he's perfectly fine to be housed with others. Louie is friendly but can be quite shy at first as he is a quiet cat that tends to keep himself to himself. However, Louie does enjoy a fuss ( a nice cheek and head rub) and will play with cat wands occasionally - if he's in the mood. Louie might not always want to play but he is always in the mood for a couple of Dreamies! 


This is Nutmeg (aka Meg) - 7/8yrs approx - Tortoiseshell 


Originally  rehomed by one of our receptionists, Meg has unfortunately come back to Danemere due to a relationship breakdown. Meg used to be a very subdued, quiet cat who wasn't too fond of anyone. However she has come on in leaps and bounds, even enjoying sitting on your lap and loving a good groom! She loves going outside but comes straight back in for Dreamies. Meg still doesn't like other cats  and would need to be an 'only' cat.

Meg is a lovely girl and we are so sad to see her back at Danemere - she deserves a new home once again.



 This is Stanley - 4 Years old



 Stanley is a super friendly, confident and incredibly cuddly cat. 

As soon as you enter the cattery Stanley will rub himself up against your legs and make himself known and, (god forbid) if you stop giving him a fuss he'll head bump you for more! His previous owner has said that he would make a perfect lap cat for either an elderly person or someone that spends a lot of time at home to give him all of the fuss and attention that he craves. Stanley was able to go in and out in his previous home but much preferred being indoors - unless it was a hot day as he enjoys sunbathing! Stanley Loves his food and will eat anything he can get his paws on! Stanley is fine with children and doesnt mind being picked up.




 The following cats all came from the same home. Unfortunately their owner was in poor health and the decision was made to rehome them. We only know a limited history of the cats but they all are very friendly. We are not sure if they have experience with dogs or young children.

All adult cats can be rehomed individually but the kittens must be rehomed in pairs.



 Miley (short hair) –Black and White – 5yrs approx

Miley is the mother of the 4 kittens that we also have for rehoming. Although we are not certain, we are suspicious that Miley is also the mother of Milo and Derek. Miley has such a wonderful calm temperament, even when we have given her treatment she has sat still, very relaxed with no problems what so ever. She is a very lovely cat who enjoys lots of fuss and attention. She is also very inquisitive and brave and not been afraid of us at all!


 Willow (longhair) – Black and White – 10 yrs approx.

The oldest of the bunch, Willow is a lovely old girl who enjoys the quiet life. She loves a fuss and will head bump you for more and more, especially if you're paying more attention to Miley. Willow would suit a home where she can relax and do as she wishes.



Derek (longhair) and Milo – Tabby and white and Black and white - 15 and 10 months approx

Derek and Milo came from the same home and their owners’ deteriorating health meant that she could no longer look after them all. Derek and Milo are lovely boys who enjoy their food and love a fuss. They are quite quiet but we are sure they will come out of their shells in their own homes.






Opal, Onyx and Ebony – Black - 10 months approx

We assume that these three are related but cannot be sure. Opal, Onyx and Ebony are great cats who love a head rub and a brush. They are quite timid but  with time and a soft, gentle approach they enjoy your company once they have gotten used to you. When we introduced toys to these three, they were curious but were unsure with how to 'play'.  Ebony is a lot more relaxed around us in comparison to Opal and Onyx and will purr when she's receiving her fuss. Once Opal, Onyx and Ebony settle in, get used to the cattery and have chance to come out of their shells we will update with more information about each of their personalities.














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