Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.30am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:


Ginger - 3 yrs, DSH

  Ginger was brought to Danemere along with Titch, Billy and Teddy as their previous owner was moving house and were unfortunately unable to take them along. Unfortunately we do not have much history on Ginger other than that he has lived with a dog before and other cats quite happily - so could possibly live with other animals again in his new home. Ginger is quite a nervous cat compared to the others that he was brought in with - it's taken him a little longer to get used to the adjustment of his new surroundings in cattery. At first he would stay inside his hide bed and not want to be disturbed - but now he's gained some more confidence he's been spending the majority his time out of it. With the grumpy look that he can give you it may put some people off from stroking him, he's got a 'resting grumpy face' but once you do give him a fuss he relaxes and seems to quite like a cheek rub. It takes Ginger more time to settle and warm to you - but once he does it is very rewarding. We are going to keep working closely with him to gain his confidence. Ideally Ginger will need a calm home where the owner is understanding of Gingers initial boundaries.

Reggie - 10/12yrs, DSH
Reggie arrived at Danemere from the vets as a unchipped stray therefore we sadly have no previous history on him. Reggie is a super confident little fella, he's incredibly friendly and will meow to say hello! Reggie adores head and cheek rubs. Reggie does not like being picked up. We are unsure as to what he is like with other cats but he does not like dogs. Reggie has such a sweet little face with a sweet personality to match. Reggie has been at Danemere for quite some time now with little interest, which is surprising to us as he is a lovely boy. Reggie deserves a warm, cosy forever home where he can live out his golden years relaxing and being spoilt with fuss and attention - he just needs some TLC!
Ebony & Puma 

Hi, my name is Ebony and this is my brother Puma. We came to Danemere because our old humans were moving house and we could not go with them. We fitted straight into the cattery, it was strange at first but we had each other so it wasnít too scary. If I could describe myself in 3 words it would be friendly (I make friends wherever I go), playful -those cat teasers the humans give me are no challenge for me! And lastly, chatty- I love having a natter with the Danemere staff. My brother has so much confidence. Heís very greedy, sometimes heíll eat all of his own food and then will steal mine, no wonder heís a bit chunky or shall I say fluffy? Maybe thatís better wording, donít tell him I said that! He loves attention Ė but we both do, head rubs, cheek rubs we cannot get enough! Myself and Puma used to live with mini humans (Children) and we got on sooo well with them, it was fun. We sound like a dream so far right? We have a slight problem though, sadly when we were just little kittens we were very silly and drank antifreeze (we didnít know it was bad for us) it smelt nice and tasted sweet. We didnít know it was so dangerous. Because of our mistake we now have kidney issues; weíve been told that we are really lucky to be alive. We are on special food (we feel 1st class in the cattery, having what we like to call, upgraded food) and we will need to be on that in our new home, we love it its very yummy 10/10 for the chef. SoÖ now for the sad news. Our life expectancy is unknown, we may have another 10 years or just a few months. Honestly, you wouldnít know just by looking at us, we havenít lost our spark and love life! Sometimes it worries us, what if we donít find a new home? Will we ever find someone willing to have us knowing all of our history? If you think that you could give us a foster home purrrrlease let the lovely humans at Danemere know. 

 If you would like to give Puma and Ebony a new home our vet at Macarthur Barstow & Gibbs will be willing to talk to you and your vet in detail about Puma and Ebonyís condition.

They are fed on Royal Canin Renal food Ė which they will need to be on for life. They really are lucky to be alive and they are such wonderful cats with heaps of personality and love to give


 Lilly - 10 yrs , DSH

 Lilly came in as her previous owner sadly became homeless. She is a slightly reserved cat- she likes the simple life, doesn't like to be bothered too much but will enjoy a gentle fuss. 
In her previous home she had access to a cat flap so she could go in and out as she pleased. Lilly came in with another cat and has also lived with children and a dog previously.

 Fred & Flo 

Fred and Flo were found as stray kittens therefore we sadly do not have any previous history on them. When they first arrived at Danemere they were very reluctant to come to us, they were incredibly shy and it seems they were never in contact with humans before. However now they have gained some confidence and enjoy a fuss, they are still wary but they are getting better and trusting more every day, even purrring at cheek rubs. Fred and Flo will need a home without children as they are quite a nervous pair and without dogs. They will need an owner who will be understanding and patient while they learn to trust them. 
Tilly - 10 yrs

Tilly returned to danemere due to her previous owners developing allergies. Tilly is confident loves lots of fuss and does not mind being picked up. Tilly enjoys brushing against your legs and is very chatty when doing so! You will often find her curled up in our cattery having a snooze, she is the most purrfect nap queen. Tilly is used to going in and out as she pleases via a cat flap so would like to do so again in her new home. Tilly is litter trained but would just go outside in her previous home.  Will update with more information asap.

 Monty - 7 / 8 yrs

Monty was brought to us because of a sudden change in behaviour around his brother. Monty is a very affectionate and friendly cat, he loves being fussed and doesnt mind being picked up. In his previous home he had access to the outside through at cat flap, so would need this available in his new home. Monty is good with children and dogs, but due to his behaviour in his previous home it might be best that he is the only cat in the household.  

Dexter - 2 yrs
 Dexter is reserved

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