Cats for Rehoming

  • The rescue is open to the public for viewing between 11.00am - 3.30pm daily. You do not need to make an appointment, just report to reception on arrival.

  • The fee for adopting a cat is £50.00. They are all vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead, wormed and neutered (if old enough).

  • Below are the current cats available for rehoming:


 This is Zeke - 6 yrs approx.


Zeke was taken in to the vets MacArthurs, Barstow and Gibbs in Droitwich as he was roaming the streets. Being a stray we have little information about his history. Zeke seems to tolerate other cats and is friendly. He would be a great companion.

This is Remmy (formerly Remix) 7 years


Remmy and Rozay were brought in together. Their previous owner was allergic and therefore could no longer keep them. Remmy is very timid at the moment and does not like being picked up. We feel with time and patience this will change as he loves being stroked once he has warmed to you. They are litter trained but are very much 'outdoor' cats who love their freedom. These two seem to fine living separately as we have now put them in separate pens. Rozay has since been rehomed.

This is Oscar - 7 Yrs 

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 Oscar has returned to Danemere as a family member sadly had an allergic reaction to him. Oscar is a nice cat who will gladly come to you for some fuss. Oscar doesnt mind being picked up and is fine around children and other cats. He is used to having a cat flap to go in and out as he pleases so ideally he would suit a home where that option is available.



This is Lemon, Lime and Liquorice - Approximately 6 months old.


They were brought to us by another charity who rescued them. These three are semi feral and as much as we have tried, we have been unable to domesticate them. Having said that, we occasionally have a breakthrough for a split second where we are able to coax them towards us before being batted away! 
We think the best home for them ideally would be a farm/out building/stables of some sort where they can be left to roam as they please and keep vermin under control. They would need to be kept and fed in a secure place for roughly 4-6 weeks before being let out to explore.
They are all neutered/vaccinated/microchipped/wormed and de-flead.
These three are so pretty and although they may not want the life of luxury, they deserve a warm place to stay and a home they can patrol and protect!




This is Nutmeg (tortie) and Treacle (black) - 7yrs & 8yrs


Nutmeg and Treacle have had to be rehomed as their owners' daughter was severely allergic. They are both rather timid, however Treacle is friendlier and enjoys a fuss. With time, we think they will both come out of their shells and make great pets. Unfortunately we do not know much more about Treacle and Nutmeg's history, but they have lived with children. 



 This is Amber - 3yrs




Amber was originally rehomed by us as a kitten in 2014. Sadly she has come back in for rehoming due to her owners' ill health. She always has been a quiet, timid cat who enjoys a fuss and sitting on your lap once she has established a bond with you. Amber has been a house cat for the last three years and has not lived with children or dogs. 




 This is Doug - 4yrs

Unfortunately Doug has come back in for rehoming. He did not get along with the family cat and the two could no longer tolerate eachother. Sadly this does happen, therefore we feel that Doug should be rehomed as an ONLY cat. Doug loves a fuss and would make a great companion but needs to be 'top dog' in his household.

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